Logo Design & Branding.



Your logo is, in many respects, the face of your business or venture. It is likely to be first item that your potential audience or customers see, so it is important to carefully consider your intentions and how you’d like them to be relayed and get yourself ahead of the herd!

We’ll help solidify your brief, determine who your target audience is, learn of any quirks that perhaps offer a unique selling point and what the desired application is. If it is an existing brand in need of revision, we can talk about refinement or overhaul. With these initial basics in place we can develop a brand that you desire and create an end result that you can be proud of and ultimately gets you ahead of the herd!

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but, is image everything? It's important to consider these age-old queries when creating a new or revised brand. You need to look great and get noticed but also ensure your core brand message is clear enough for the viewer to follow.

If you wanted to brand a florist, for example, then a broken heart logo could be deemed a little misguided, or, it could potentially be quite playful, depending on the execution. On the flip of that, an image of a rose would perhaps be fitting, yet quite obvious and unoriginal, but the intention wouldn’t likely get lost on the audience.

This is why we spend significant time with you at the start of your project. It is important for us to understand you and establish which is the best direction for you and your brand.

Feel free to get in touch with your logo & branding ideas and we can help bring them to life for you.

Brand Development.

We obviously like to take a creative lead but if you’ve any preconceived ideas we’d like to hear them. We can go through your likes and dislikes, be that colour preferences, type styles, industry influences, iconography design etc. Whether your preference is to have a brand mark / icon based design, a word mark / monogram style or a brand mascot / character, we can discuss all of this and collectively it will form the basis of what we build upon.

Starting with good old pen and paper, design ideas are then refined and polished up digitally before being presented. We provide an logo ideas board and work with you to fine tune it to your tastes and feedback. Once happy we provide it in different formats and guide you on future application of your new brand.

With a fluid, communicative process with our clients, final designs are achieved smoothly and to a premium standard, setting them ahead of the herd!