In past years, Google promoted the idea of a more secure web. By applying new policies and imposing new rules, Google sent a clear message — make the Internet safer for users.

By migrating to HTTPS, you are being proactive in protecting your users’ security, which strengthens the authority of your website. While it is a costly undertaking, it can significantly impact your business.

We're asking all clients with Content Management System websites to consider an SSL Certificate to better protect the details of their customers and help maintain Search Engine website rankings for their keywords.

It's now more important than ever to get your hands on an SSL Certificate and secure your website if you want to avoid scaring customers away and also to improve your website ranking for your keywords.

For an SSL certificate on our Shared Hosting we charge £84.99 +VAT per annum. Get in touch today to order yours.

Note; unfortunately we're unable to install SSL Certificates from other providers on our shared hosting platform.

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